Shake off the dust

Wow, this is the first updating I’ve done to the site since a really long time (more than a full year). And here we are in 2014 with a new theme and me basically giving up on trying to edit my own theme. Let’s just say that the Internet has come a long way in WordPress themes and that the default twentyfourteen theme is actually quite well developed.

Anyway, to sum up the entire year I’ve been absent from this website, here’s a beautiful compilation that I created for work that has pretty much every fun project we did in it of 2013.

Thanks and see ya soon!

Portfolio Page and new videos

I’ve recently added a portfolio page in the navigation menu, FINALLY. Currently I have some very recent work on that page, along with several website development that I do. I’ve also gotten to really improving some of my timelapse and night sky photography experience. AND of course I am using my DIY motorized slider. See the two videos below, both are straight from the camera, no editing done, shot as jpegs. Thanks all.

Summertime and the living’s easy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but the Summer has been no less than busy. That doesn’t go to show how things have changed from just a year ago before leaving the country on my 6 month journey to be a student in Sweden.

While I’ve been developing websites and maintain sites for small businesses, I’m also in the middle of an internship in Beaverton. The drive’s been horrendous, but the work has been a great way to develop my skills in a different environment. The people I work with are great and overall it has been a very positive experience. Hopefully I can post a compilation of the timelapses I’ve done, it’s been a great learning experience doing all these timelapse videos, and I love how each one is so unique.

I’ve been chugging away with the Jensen Arctic Museum’s website as well, you can see a comp of it below. I’m using pre-built themes from Themeforest and modifying to client needs. It’s really been great not to worry about building themes.

Come Fly With Us!

In regards to the last post, I’ve gone live with a site for a client. The website is for a new iteration for an existing book about flight attendants and their history. It’s quite a fascinating coffee table book and has some great pictures to boot. Airline and flight aficionados need to see this if they haven’t already. Anyway, the website is built on the default WordPress Twenty Eleven theme with many theme modifications. Some of them include:

  • Moved the page navigation to the top
  • Customized the header for a header image logo and background
  • The showcase feature template is modified for use as a author slider and landing page
  • Custom template for full page width

There’s tons of minor things but overall, I really enjoyed using Twentyeleven, great theme and it even looks alright on mobile devices with it being fluid. There was also a lot of image work that I did, but everything came out pretty nicely I think. I’m still working with the client on smaller tweaks, but the layout is there.

Visit to check out the book and see the site. There’s a lot of images from the book and there’s something for everyone!

New site

This past week I got to work with a group that published Come Fly With Us! The book is a pretty neat record of the history if flight attendants and has a ton of cool photos from way back when. I was asked to do a website for the newest 10th anniversary edition which will be out in 2013 with new chapters and pictures. Here’s a rough draft of the site!

Some notes: I’m still at odds with the header, but I’ll be fiddling with that. The rest of the page I’m quite happy with, I felt like the background stitching kind of looks like a seat belt, somewhat fitting in an airplane! Also, this site is built on WordPress Twenty Eleven theme, I liked the simplicity and versatility and it was a great exercise in fluid page widths, CSS3, HTML5 and more. Thanks for looking!

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